December 2015 Canoe Cove Labradors Welcomes Kate!  (Kit)  Broadmead CanoeCove Goes Royal.  Thank you to Wendy and Dirk and Penny at Broadmead Labradors for this beautiful little girl. 
September 2015, I have completed all components of my Ground Search & Rescue (GSAR) with PEMO.
I attended the Mathew Twitty Seminar for Competitive Obedience at The Naughty Dogge, October 2015 in Victoria,BC
Joe and I attend a number of seminars yearly with my S & R group.

We will be attending our 4th MTC Seminar in Edmonton on July 4th,2014

Sylvia Bishop Seminar  Spring 2014 - Competition Obedience.  - Loved it.. 

Joe and I working on our  - CDX and UD Exercises with
the North Saanich Dog Obedience Club (NOSA)

Retrieve over the High Jump

Broad Jump

Thank You! to Marilyn Clayton for the beautiful action photos of Joe.